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Demi Cami

Ships July 22h-30th, 2024

Sale price$150.00 AUD

The Demi Cami is a knit Co-Ord piece featuring an engineered patchwork knit cardigan and rib triangle bra. With a double-layer knit structure, adjustable straps with silver bra sliders, and an o-ring, this top offers both style and versatility. 


✿ Knit Co-Ord top.

✿ Engineered patchwork knit cardigan.

✿ Rib triangle bra.

✿ Double-layer knit.

✿ Adjustable straps with silver bra sliders and o-ring.

✿ V-neckline.


Demi Cami
Demi Cami Sale price$150.00 AUD